Anal Sex Should Not Be Painful

Please read that again: Anal sex should not be painful!

You see, despite the porn industry offering so many videos of people, usually women, pained with forced penetration, anal play can be a wonderful sensual experience with yourself, a special mate, or even 2 or 3 more 😜.

Done with time, understanding and care for your partner, anal sex can be amazing. Heck, more than amazing... Mind-blowing! Think of those orgasms where your body shakes, toes curl, and you recover in a mess of arms, legs, and sweat.

The problem is that nobody gets taught anal, let alone how to approach the arse in a way that works with the body.

Consider this my manifesto!

It is my dream that all people can embrace their asses and enjoy pain-free, connected play as soft or rough as they want... From silk sheets to hot, sweaty sessions across the bonnet of your truck. I want you to have this all.

I want you to learn the tips and tricks I have learned, not just through research and medical training. But tips I have learned from porn stars, dominatrices, and even an 80-year-old Chinese doctor whose closest friends call "the anal whisperer". (Seriously! Even just two of her tips helped me open asses in ways my partners were begging for more!)

Do you want to learn the secrets? Are you ready to wow your partner to another dimension?

Hell yea?

Then come on over -

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