Early Anal Exploration

Before getting too deep into anal (I apologize I couldn't resist!), I highly recommend getting your body accustomed to touch.

As mentioned previously, the area between the genital and the anus has thousands of nerves that can give some really amazing sensations. The anus has almost as many nerve endings as the clitoris or head of the penis.

Let's start enjoying them!

Actually, before we do that, we need to talk about your nails. The skin around the anus is super delicate, a sharp fingernail can easily damage it. I highly recommend cutting your nails nice and short. If you can feel any rough edges grab a nail file and smooth them off.

The last thing needed when you're starting your journey is a cut, tear, or fissure.

If you have longer nails, consider having one or two of the nails shorter in reserve for your anal play as shown here in a tweet by @MelloTheRiot

Picture of manicured nails with 2 nails shorter
Pic Credit @MelloTheRiot

For this lesson, I recommend grabbing some lubricant. You can use water-based or silicone lubes. Water-based is best if you are planning on using condoms; however, it drys out really fast.

I prefer silicone lube; however, it isn't compatible with condoms.

multiple bottles of personal lubricant suitable for anal sex
There are many lube options to choose from.

Your local pharmacy usually has a selection of lubes. Adult stores usually have a wider range to choose from.

Coconut oil can also be an option for a moisturing lubricant.

All lubes can get a little messy and leave stains on bedsheets. I find it easier to lay a towel down before starting to explore.

Relaxation Is The Key

One great way to help relax before starting to explore is a nice warm shower to bath. Whether by yourself or with your partner, warmth helps get blood into your skin as well as allowing the muscles to start to relax.

Remeber this is a fun activity!

As mentioned above, grab a towel, lube, and some uninterruped time and start to expore the sensations around your anus.

Below is a video I created so you can "play along at home".

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